The 5 BEST Golf Drivers to Fix a Slice

Louis Pringle
Jan 13, 2022
8 minutes

There’s no feeling quite like stepping up to the first tee on a beautiful day, driver in hand ready to get the round going. Nothing could ruin such a perfect moment. Nothing except a slice off that first tee to put you in trouble right from the start of the round.

At Golf Avenue, we know how much of a burden a slice can be. This is why we came up with this list of the 5 best drivers to help fix a slice. We’ll help you make sense of which driver is best suited for you to find more fairways (in no particular order):

    1. TaylorMade SIM2 Max D
    2. Cobra King Radspeed XD
    3. Mizuno ST-X
    4. G400 SFT
    5. Callaway Epic Max

1. TaylorMade SIM2 Max D

Take the mishits out of the game


TaylorMade is world-renowned for delivering high-quality drivers both to the public and their pros, playing on various Tours across the globe. Just like the SIM Max D, the SIM2 Max D driver makes no exception to that rule.

This draw-biased driver will deliver all the forgiveness you could ever wish for off the tee. The weight balance in the clubhead of the SIM2 Max D is focused at the back of the club head, promoting additional spin and forgiveness at impact. An additional weight located near the hosel of the club is the perk that allows the SIM2 Max D to keep you in the fairway and forget about the slice.

Additionally, this club features TaylorMade’s trademark Twist Face technology, reducing the penalty on strikes near the top of the toe and generating more forgiveness for impacts near the heel of the club head.

What you’ll like about it:

  • Highly forgiving
  • Huge sweet spot with the Twist Face technology
  • Takes out the slice with a strong draw-bias

Who’s it for?

The SIM2 Max D is one of those rare drivers that could be picked up by any golfer and they’d still find success with it. Less experienced golfers with a slower swing speed and a tendency to hit a slice will benefit from making the move to the SIM2 Max D.

2. Cobra King Radspeed XD

Go straighter, and longer, than ever


Cobra has etched itself as the driver-maker for big bombers, especially since Bryson DeChambeau transitioned his game off the tee to a more aggressive mindset. Catering to the needs of those long hitters, Cobra came up with the King Radspeed driver.

The King Radspeed XD variation was designed with amateur golfers in mind. In other words, it was built to help golfers with a slower swing speed. Its massive clubhead should provide golfers with more confidence at address.

Its massive clubhead helps with weight distribution by favoring a high-draw trajectory, perfect to counter the slice. Plus, the Infinity Zone technology featured on the clubface expands beyond the edges of the clubface to provide the same control over the ball wherever you make contact with the clubface.

What you’ll like about it:

  • Noticeable draw-bias on every hit, perfect to counter that dreaded slice
  • A massive clubhead to provide more confidence at address
  • Expanded Infinity Zone clubface to maintain spin levels across the face

Who’s it for?

The Cobra King Radspeed XD is perfect for golfers who tried out different drivers over the years to fix their slicing habit. The weight distribution and the massive clubhead is the perfect tool to put your mind at ease when you’re standing over the golf ball.

3. Mizuno ST-X

Ideal for experienced golfers fighting a slice


Mizuno is world-renowned for its high-quality irons and wedge, but we shouldn’t overlook their woods. The ST-X driver was built upon the lessons learned from previous models like the ST-200 and the ST-190 to create a high-performance draw-biased driver.

The ST-X is one of those rare draw-biased drivers designed for experienced players with a rapid swing speed as impacts in the sweet spot will produce lower spin levels than most draw-biased drivers.

Also, it must be said that forgiveness is not one of the main perks for the ST-X. Mishits tend to produce an uncomfortable feel to the player and will usually sound hollow.

What you’ll like about it:

  • Draw trajectory favored on every stroke
  • Strikes in the sweet spot provide great feedback
  • Low spinning level to help golfers with a fast swing

Who’s it for?

Experienced golfers with a high-speed swing who tend to struggle with the slice will love the draw bias of the Mizuno ST-X. Its limited forgiveness at impact might turn away less experienced golfers as impacts missing the sweet spot of the clubface will greatly affect your strike.

4. PING G400 SFT

All the forgiveness you could ever need off the tee


The weight distribution in the clubhead of the PING G400 SFT is strategically placed to promote a lot of spin and forgiveness at impact. The adjustment weight of the SFT is located right under the crown of the club head and it slightly favors the side of the heel.

This allows for a less pronounced draw trajectory with the ball flight, but it delivers a ton of forgiveness at impact, which makes for a massive sweet spot. The overall profile of the club is smaller than most draw-biased drivers, but the clubface doesn’t lack any space for golfers who struggle to make contact with the sweet spot consistently.

What you’ll like about it:&nbsp

  • Plenty of forgiveness off the tee
  • Counters the slice without turning your strikes into hooks
  • Mishits won’t result in terrible strikes

Who’s it for?

The Ping G400 SFT is the perfect club for high-handicap golfers battling a slice. There’s plenty of forgiveness, which is ideal for golfers who struggle with consistency off the tee. Plus, the draw bias is just effective enough to counter the slice, without forcing all your strikes to the left.

5. Callaway Epic Max

Adjust the slice correction to your need


The Callaway Epic Max is probably the best driver for golfers who are struggling with confidence issues off the tee. The combination of the Epic Max’s massive clubhead and the weight distribution at the back of the clubhead will benefit high-handicap golfers.

The moveable weight at the back of the sole is mounted on a track system allowing you to adjust the draw bias of the club to your liking. The closer you move it to the heel, the more you’ll avoid the slice.

What you’ll like about it:

  • A massive clubhead to help with confidence off the tee
  • Moveable weight to adjust the spin and draw-bias
  • Plenty of forgiveness, even on mishits

Who’s it for?

The Callaway Epic Max is perfect for golfers who’ve been struggling with confidence issues on the tee. The massive clubhead will provide you with more confidence and the performance of the club will deliver all you can expect from a highly forgiving draw-biased driver.

Your main takeaway from this list should be that all of these drivers are designed to help counter the slice off the tee. You also have to keep in mind that each one of them will provide more perks in the hands of the right golfer. If you need some additional help to decide which draw-bias driver is best for you, you can always book a virtual appointment with one of our experts.

Until next time,

The Golf Avenue Team

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