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“It’s nice to be able to trade in clubs no longer needed & save some $$ when upgrading. Nothing but good to say about dealing with Golf Avenue.”

- Gary
“Processed my trade-ins quickly and offered a fair price. Prompt credit issued.”

- Allan
“Wicked Awesome Trade and Upgrade. Turned my trade in around quickly and provided excellent value for a bunch of clubs just taking up space”

- Sae-Hoon
“Fantastic! Great service. Used the trade-in program and it was easy and painless.”

- Michael


I found a better trade-in value on another website. Will Golf Avenue price match?
Yes! If you found a better value for your golf clubs on another registered retailer’s website, then we will match that price.
Please note that we do not match prices offered on non-retail websites or on marketplaces including, but not limited to, craigslist, eBay, Facebook marketplace, or Kijiji. The price match policy does not apply on trade-in bonuses or promotions. For assistance with a price match, please contact our Customer Service Team at 1-888-908-5994.
Who can I contact if I have questions about my trade-in?
Our Customer Service Team is here to assist you through your trade-in! You can call them at 1-888-908-5994 or click here for additional ways to get in touch
What payment methods do you offer?
e-Transfers or Golf Avenue credit (10% trade-in bonus!) are the payment methods we use on all trade-ins.
How promptly will I receive payment?
Payments are made 24-48 hours after the reception & inspection of the clubs at our warehouse.
How do I ship my golf clubs?
When you have completed adding clubs for trade-in, simply follow the instructions to complete shipment. Our system will automatically generate a pre-paid shipping label for you. If your trade-in total is over $75, shipping will be free! If not, you will be charged a $10 shipping fee that will be deducted directly from your trade-in.
Who decides how much my golf clubs are worth?
Our catalog is updated monthly to offer the best trade-in prices on the market! Prices are based on multiple factors such as year of introduction, demand, popularity and competitor prices.
How frequently do club values change?
Trade-in values are reassessed on a monthly basis.
What happens if the clubs I send do not meet the minimum condition requirements?
We cannot accept damaged or counterfeit clubs, with loft and lie adjustments +/- 3 of OEM standards, nor shortened/lengthened shafts of more than 2 inches. Any iron sets without the 6 iron to pitching wedge sequence do not qualify for a trade-in iron set and will be instead considered individual irons. All clubs with a rattle in the head will be rejected. Golf clubs that are not accepted can be shipped back to the customer ($15 fee applies). Golf Avenue reserves the right to refuse trade-ins for other conditions.
I have really old golf clubs that show a lot of wear, can I trade them in?
Golf clubs are made to be hit! We understand that after a few years, your club might have a few scratches and show a little bit of wear. We will accept your trade-ins as long as your clubs are free of skymarks, dents or any other significant flaws and are in good enough condition for resale. If not, we will unfortunately have to refuse them.
Can I trade-in clubs that aren’t in the Golf Avenue trade-in database?
If a model is not listed in our catalog, please contact us. We will do our best to find its trade-in value and add it to our platform (please note some models cannot be traded-in as there might be no demand for them).
Can I use my Golf Avenue credit on a purchase before my clubs are received and inspected at your warehouse?
Unfortunately, no. You will be able to use your Golf Avenue credit after we receive and inspect your clubs at our warehouse. Your Golf Avenue Credit will be applied to your account as soon as your clubs have been received and inspected at our warehouse.
Do my Golf Avenue Credits expire?
The Golf Avenue credits received covering the value of your golf club do not expire. However, any bonus credits earned are subject to expire 6 months from the date of reception.

For example: If your golf club is valued at $100 (before bonus), and you earned a 10% bonus ($10) on your trade-in, your total credits earned equal $110. $100 of these credits never expire, but $10 of these credits expire after 6 months.