Provisio S Laser Range Finder

Product Code74-10828#
  • Provisio S Laser Range Finder
  • Provisio S Laser Range Finder

Provisio S Laser Range Finder

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Product Code74-10828#
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Certified Pre-Owned
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Golf’s Finest Rangefinder
The ProVisio S rangefinder is golf’s best device to improve your game by getting the most accurate distance on every shot. Be closer to the hole and give yourself a better chance at a birdie!

Accuracy & Precision
When activated, the ProVisio S rangefinder will instantaneously return an accurate yardage. The easy to use pin seeker will allow you to find the distance of objects of all shapes and sizes with the best accuracy (+/- 1 yard).

Maximum Distance & Slope Mode
Are you known as the long hitter of your foursome? The ProVisio S rangefinder has a maximum range of 650 yards, long hitters don’t scare us! Our technology and slope mode also allow us to calculate any distance depending on the degree of slope.

Clear Vision
With a scope magnification of 6x and an LCD display, you’ll be able to get the best results through our superior lens.

Robust, Compact & Lightweight
We know that golf can sometimes be played in very difficult conditions. This is why the ProVisio S rangefinder has been specifically built to be resistant to water, mud and dust while also being lightweight and compact.

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