Golf Brands
Golf Brands

Adams Golf has been building the best hybrids for all types of golfer since the very first Tight Lies model. Their goal has always been, and will continue to be, to make it easier for amateur golfers to hit the green on longer shots, from any type of lie. They’ve always been releasing some amazing clubs with features that not only help with forgiveness, but also with distance.

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Callaway Golf has been offering some of the coolest products ever since the first Big Bertha and Steelhead clubs were released back in the 80’s. The combination of great look and high quality products makes for very successful results for the company. Many Tour professionals have been trusting Callaway Golf for almost their whole career, including 42-time winner Phil Mickelson who has been playing with Callaway back since 2004.

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Cleveland Golf is renowned throughout the world for building the number one wedges in golf. Period. Their wedges have been played by the world’s best players ever since they started building them back in 1979. Cleveland Golf keeps providing features that will help any golfer improve their short game and consequently, shoot lower scores. Cleveland is more than a wedge company. In fact, their metal woods and irons have received a warm welcome from the industry for their high quality and great performance.

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Multiple colors, flashy looks are some of Cobra Golf’s new features on almost every club released. Cobra Golf golf may be the most underrated brand in the industry and they definitely shouldn't be! Not only did they work with some of the best players on the PGA Tour through the years, but they’ve created a new standard for design and performance. The enthusiasm they generate with the release of their newest lines of products (King F7 & King F8) is unparalleled.

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Without making too much noise, Mizuno irons have been considered the best on the market by PGA Tour players and low handicappers for a long time. Who knew that Tiger Woods played a combo of MP-14’s and MP-29’s irons in the late 90’s? Mizuno irons are, without a doubt, the best provider of feel and control on the market. Don’t miss out on the other types of Mizuno golf clubs. Metal woods and wedges have made a lot of noise in recent years for their superior performance.

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Millions of eyes watched expectantly as a lone figure cloaked in red and black effortlessly urged a small white ball onto a green carpet of perfection, rolled for seemingly an eternity then tilted to a stop for a moment at the precipice of the incredible, showcasing a symbol known the world over, when at long last, the object of brilliance dropped into the cup to a deafening roar from the spectators and the artist who made the entire image possible: Tiger Woods. The scene was the 16th hole at the Masters in 2005 where Tiger single-handedly solidified Nike Golf on the golf map forever.

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Ping Golf was founded by Karsten Solheim in California back in the late 1950’s. A putter company at the time, it grew to become a leader in irons thanks to the “color system” technology. Ping Golf believes that golfers around the world should choose clubs based on their lie angle at address and at impact for straighter ball flights and longer shots. To this day, the system is still being used and allows golfers to shoot lower scores.

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Srixon Golf offers some of the most competitive products on the market. Founded back in 1930 as a golf ball company, it grew over time to one of the world’s leading brands of balls but also golf clubs. Srixon Golf builds clubs that are played by some of the world’s best players including Keegan Bradley, Graeme McDowell, and Hideki Matsuyama.

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“The Number One Driver in Golf”. When you think of metal woods, you think of TaylorMade Golf. The company has been revolutionizing the technology behind drivers and fairway woods ever since they began building them. Some of the technologies they’ve been implementing over the years are still used today by most other brands out there. Did you know that TaylorMade is responsible for the introduction of the adjustability options on drivers?

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In the last couple of decades, Titleist has proven to be the leader in technology innovation on all levels of golf equipment. There’s a reason why many of the best players keep putting Titleist golf clubs in their bags year in and year out. Titleist is the reference when it comes to performance and precision clubs for low-handicappers and forgiveness with great playability for more occasional golfers looking for used Titleist clubs.

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