Golf Gift Ideas for Women – Holidays 2022

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Louis Pringle
Dec 01, 2022
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Shopping for the right apparel, accessories, or clubs to play golf can often be challenging to many. This is all the truer for female golfers as it seems like many brands struggle to cater to them. Fortunately, we’ve got the perfect guide to help you find the best gifts for the female golfer in your life.

The following guide will present you with five different quality gift ideas that are sure to please your favourite female golfer. From the head down to the toes, you’ll be sure to find the gifts that will help her look her best on the golf course!

1. Puma 2022 W'S Sport Visor Headwear

The Puma 2022 W’s Sport Visor headwear is present the typical look of golf visor. Unlike other models on the market, the front brim of the 2022 W’s Sport Visor is not oversized, making perfect for golfers with a smaller head size.

The main benefit of the visor hat is that it allows golfers who have a lot of hair to avoid the struggles of fitting them all under a hat. Instead, let your hair flow in the breeze, while the visor will prevent the sun rays from attacking your face.

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2. Nike W Dri-Fit Victory Top

The Nike W Dri-Fit Victory top is an athletic polo, built to the expectations of golfers. Indeed, this polo features the Dri-Fit technology that helps prevent moisture build-up and keep you dry on the course. It’s also available in a wide variety of gorgeous colours.

The W Dri-Fit Victory polo is designed for female golfers, but its curves are not too form-fitting, which allows all types of golfers to add it to their collection. Additionally, its simplistic design allows you to wear it outside the course and look your best.

More gift ideas like the Nike W Dri-Fit Victory Top:

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3. Adidas Ultimate 365 Modern Shorts

The Adidas Ultimate 365 Modern shorts are the perfect complement to the polo that just discussed. The Ultimate 365 Modern shorts are built out of breathable materials that allow you to escape the heat that wearing pants can cause. Also, the shorts are more likely to catch in the wind than a golf skirt.

The Ultimate 365 Modern shorts, much like the W Dri-Fit Victory polo, are not too form-fitting, which means that you can turn to those shorts, regardless of your morphology. Offered in a few different colours, you’ll be sure to find the perfect pair for your favourite golfer!

More gift ideas like the Adidas Ultimate 365 Modern Shorts:

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4. Nike Ace Summerlite Golf Shoes

The Nike Ace Summerlite golf shoes are a very stylish pair of golf shoes that will bring a breath of fresh air to any outfit you decide to wear for your next round. The Ace Summerlite feature a bright colourway that’ll be sure to stand out on the golf course.

The Ace Summerlite golf shoes offer many perks including a sturdy, yet flexible frame, a comfortable sole inside the shoe, and waterproof properties. It needs to be said that if your favourite golfer loves to have a lot of traction on the ground, the Summerlite might not be the best option as they do not feature spikes on the bottom.

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5. Puma W Cloudspun Bloom Crewneck Top

The Puma W Cloudspun Bloom Crewneck top is an amazing long-sleeve sweater that comes in very handy for those chilly early morning rounds, or when you’re playing later in the day in the Fall. The W Cloudspun Bloom Crewneck top features a two-tone design, where the colours meet across the lower chest area.

The W Cloudspun Bloom Crewneck top greatest perk is perhaps the ability that you get to put it on and take it off, whenever you feel like it. Offered in gorgeous pastel colours, this sweater from Puma is a must for your favourite golfer this Holiday season.

More gift ideas like the Puma W Cloudspun Bloom Crewneck Top:

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Hopefully, this guide provides with quality gift ideas so that your favourite golfer may look her best on the golf course. With high-quality suggestions from the head up down to the toes, you’ll be sure to hit it big this year.

If you’ve got more golfers around you and they’re also in need of useful golf gifts, be sure to consult the rest of our golf guide that will help you out with gifts under $100, gifts for him, and gifts for experienced golfers. Whatever you may need, we’ll have it for you. Finally, if you’re in need of more personalized recommendations, you can book a call with one of our experts.

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