Building the Ultimate Golf Bag - March 2022

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Louis Pringle
Mar 29, 2022
3 minutes

This Value Bag is built from pre-loved golf clubs of our selection. We’ve highlighted these clubs for their affordability and their ability to fit any player's game. Please keep in mind that these prices are accurate as of the release date of this article.

There’s no way around it, building a golf bag full of clubs is a sizeable expense for anyone looking to get into the sport. Fortunately for newcomers, there are budget-friendly alternatives to buying the newest golf clubs from the biggest brands in the sport.

You can turn to club sets if you want a quick fix, but if you’re looking for a personalized experience, we believe building your own set with pre-loved golf clubs is the best way to get the most of your money.

To help you make up your mind, we’ve got some very affordable suggestions to build a set of golf clubs for less than $1000:

  • Callaway XR 16 Driver
  • TaylorMade RocketBallz Fairway Wood
  • TaylorMade M2 Hybrid
  • Cobra F-Max Airspeed Irons
  • TaylorMade Z-Spin 2017 Wedge
  • TaylorMade Redline 17 Monte Carlo Putter

Callaway XR 16 Driver

Danny Willett managed to get his hands on the green jacket in 2016 with this driver in his golf bag. A mix of highly forgiving performance and impressive accuracy off the tee make the XR 16 driver from Callaway a great addition to any golf bag.

What you’ll like about it:

  • Highly forgiving off the tee
  • Lightweight, ideal for less experienced golfers
  • Large clubhead to help with confidence at address

Shop the Callaway XR 16 Driver 

TaylorMade RocketBallz Fairway Wood

The TaylorMade RocketBallz fairway wood is the perfect complement for any golfer looking for a reliable club both off the tee and down in the alley. Plus, with its eye-catching color pallet of white, green, and black it’ll be shining in your hands and your bag.

What you’ll like about it:

  • Plays just as well off the tee than off the grass
  • Decent control over the ball flight despite the high forgiveness
  • Added control over the ball flight with the adjustment weight at the front of the sole

Shop the TaylorMade RocketBallz Fairway Wood

TaylorMade M2 Hybrid

The TaylorMade M2 hybrid is inching closer and closer to the decade-old mark, but it still has plenty to offer as some of the technological specs featured on this model are still featured on TaylorMade’s latest hybrid releases.

What you’ll like about it:

  • Just as reliable off the fairway and out of the rough
  • High ball speed at impact helped by the Speed Pocket at the front of the sole
  • Delivers a lot of forgiveness on mishits

Shop the TaylorMade M2 Hybrid

Cobra F-Max Airspeed Irons

The Cobra F-Max Airspeed irons are the ideal iron set for newcomers to the sports, or simply for golfers looking for as much forgiveness as possible and the easiest clubs to hit. Lucky for them, the F-Max Airspeed irons are perfect for the job.

What you’ll like about them:

  • Large clubheads, perfect for inconsistent swings
  • Ultra-lightweight clubheads to help newcomers control the clubheads
  • Additional offset near the hosel to counter slices

Shop the Cobra F-Max Airspeed Irons 

TaylorMade Z-Spin 2017 Wedge

There’s nothing out of the ordinary with the TaylorMade Z-Spin 2017 wedge and that’s exactly what’s so great about it. A simplistic wedge design with a high degree of bounce is the ideal type of club that newcomers should be looking for.

What you’ll like about it:

  • Plenty of control on the golf ball over short distances
  • Just as efficient on full swings and chip shots
  • High degree of bounce to avoid chunky strikes

Shop the TaylorMade Z-Spin 2017 Wedge

TaylorMade Redline 17 Monte Carlo Putter

The TaylorMade Redline 17 Monte Carlo is a half-moon-shaped putter, also referred to as a half-mallet. Midway between the small traditional blade putters, which you can commonly find at your local mini-golf course, and the big mallet putters like the one Dustin Johnson uses.

What you’ll like about it:

  • The half-mallet clubhead allows for more flexibility in your putting stroke
  • The lightweight clubhead provides more control when you’re standing over the ball
  • A white face inserts to help you track your points of contact with the ball

Shop the TaylorMade Redline 17 Monte Carlo Putter

Before we let you go, we’d like to remind you that while we’ve decided to highlight the clubs listed above, our vast online inventory includes many more pre-loved golf clubs that will serve you just as well as the ones listed above.

Until next time,

The Golf Avenue team

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