The 10 Most Forgiving Iron Sets in 2024

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Louis Pringle
Feb 22, 2024
12 minutes

Irons are a key part of the club set for any golfer as they take up more than half of the spots in the bag. Having irons that will provide the right perks for you on the course is a must, no matter how skilled you are. But in the case of golfers who need extra help with their irons, it can be difficult to find the right irons for you.

We tasked our in-house expert Danny with the creation of a list of the 10 most forgiving iron sets for golfers in 2024. The clubs in this list were chosen based on their forgiving abilities and the different perks they can provide on the course.

Top 10 Most Forgiving Iron Sets in 2024:

  1. TaylorMade Qi Iron Set – Starting at $1,399.99
  2. Callaway Steelhead XR Iron Set – Starting at $494.97
  3. Srixon ZX4 MKII Iron Set – Starting at $1,514.99
  4. TaylorMade M Gloire Iron Set – Starting at $444.99
  5. Cobra Air-X Combo Iron Set – Starting at $584.99
  6. Cobra T-Rail 2 Iron Set – Starting at $679.99
  7. Titleist T400 Iron Set – Starting at $1,214.99
  8. Callaway Paradym Iron Set – Starting at $1,239.99
  9. Ping G700 Iron Set – Starting at $594.97
  10. Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Iron Set – Starting at $689.99

*Note that the prices displayed in this article were accurate at the time of publication.

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1. TaylorMade Qi Iron Set

I had the pleasure of trying TaylorMade’s Qi irons and I must say, they left quite an impression. First off, the Qi irons show a strong game-improvement profile and their performances are also indicative of this profile.

They're designed with a patented face technology which is specifically calibrated to each club head throughout the set for added control over flexing at impact, while also eliminating cut spin. TaylorMade refers to this feature as “straight distance”. The amalgamation of all these factors makes for a super powerful, yet forgiving, iron set.

One of the first things you'll notice is their exceptional distance, typical of game-improvement irons, but these manage to raise the bar. They're also very forgiving, which will come in very handy if you’re looking to make improvements on the course. The launch angle is surprisingly on target, especially considering the strong lofts, and the long irons are also a nice treat as they’re easy to launch, plus they feel and sound great at impact.

In terms of feel, the Qi irons have a solid feel at impact. Some might find this a bit off-putting, especially if you're used to a softer feel. They also felt a bit hollow at impact, which can be expected of game-improvement irons, but this hollow feeling was especially noticeable with the shorter irons in hand. This is something to consider if you're particular about the feel of your clubs.

Visually, TaylorMade is relying on similar looks from the Stealth line of irons. They have a generous blade length, feature a reassuring top line, and the heel provides plenty of offset that will come in handy for golfers who struggle with side spin or a slice. They look great in the bag and the data they generate when it comes to distance and performance can measure up against any competitor.

In conclusion, the TaylorMade Qi irons are a solid choice if you're looking to upgrade. They offer a great combination of distance, forgiveness, and launch. However, do take into account the firm feel at impact and the visual similarity to the Stealth iron. As always, it is recommended you try them out for yourself to see just how much of an impact they can have on your game.

Our takeaway after testing the Qi iron set:

  • Effortlessly blends forgiveness and power on every strike
  • Solid feel at impact, not typical of game improvement irons
  • Large clubhead at address to help you have more confidence over the golf ball

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2. Callaway Steelhead XR Iron Set

The Steelhead XR irons are a modern take on a classic name in Callaway’s lineup. They blend forgiveness, length, and ease of use. The size and shape will offer a familiar and reassuring sight to lifelong fans of Callaway irons. The offset, thicker topline, and longer head at address will provide players with a look at these game-improvement irons that scream forgiveness at impact.

Now, let’s talk about the sound and feel. The Steelhead XR irons aim to achieve increased ball speeds, more distance, and maximum forgiveness at impact. The 360 Face Cup technology and steel-infused polyurethane layer located behind the face of the club are Callaway’s keys to generating the Steelhead XR’s unique sound and feel. The polyurethane layer inside the hollow face is there to dampen the vibration in the club at impact. You end up with an iron that feels pretty much the same across the entire face, except for strikes on either end of the club face.

In terms of performance, the Steelhead XR irons are designed to launch your long irons at a higher angle, while launching shorter irons lower with higher spin rates. Each iron plays 2 to 3 degrees stronger than most, so players will get added distance. Additionally, the face is extremely forgiving on mishits, which provides players with consistent trajectories from one strike to the next. It needs to be said that the stronger lofts could potentially lead to gapping issues in your set.

However, no club is perfect. While the Steelhead XR irons are designed for forgiveness and distance, they may not be the best choice for golfers who prefer a more traditional feel and sound. The unique sound and feel of the club, might not be to everyone’s liking.

Overall, the Callaway Steelhead XR iron set is a solid choice for golfers looking for a forgiving and long-hitting iron. It’s a modern take on a classic, combining the best of Callaway’s past with the latest technology. It's so good, that it was also included in our list of the 5 best iron sets under $600.

Our takeaway after testing the Steelhead XR Combo iron set:

  • Slight offset near the hosel to promote a draw-bias trajectory at impact
  • Produces a unique sound at impact that is unlike any other game improvement irons
  • Launches the ball high in the air, perfect for golfers who struggle to get the ball airborne

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3. Srixon ZX4 MKII Iron Set

Released in 2023, the Srixon ZX4 MKII Irons are the latest addition to the Srixon family of forgiving irons. They’re designed to replace the previous generation ZX4 Irons, by incorporating improved performance with the latest innovations. Their main objective on the course is to provide exceptional distance, forgiveness, and accuracy, no matter what your skill level is.

The irons are constructed from a combination of HT 1770M face and 431 stainless steel, creating a hollow body design for optimal performance. Its unique construction and geometry give the ZX4 MKII iron a feel more akin to a forged iron than a game improvement model. This gives them a solid, satisfying feel at impact.

The Srixon ZX4 MKII Irons feature their MainFrame technology, a variable thickness pattern of grooves, channels, and cavities carefully milled into the back of the club head. This technology helps to maximize flex at impact, boost the COR, and reposition the mass away from the face and into the toe and sole to create a lower center of gravity. This results in increased ball speed, consistency, and forgiveness, which can all contribute to raising your playing level with your irons.

Another notable feature is the Tour V.T. Sole, which promotes consistent ball striking and turf interaction, ensuring proper launch angle and ball trajectory with any club in the set. Lastly, the irons have progressive grooves, which means that the 4 through the 7 irons have wider grooves profile for better performance in various conditions and the ones on shorter irons (8 to AW) are deeper and closer to one another for enhanced spin on approach shots.

Now, let’s talk about the performance. The Srixon ZX4 MKII Irons are known for launching golf balls high in the air with a lot of spin, making them ideal for golfers who want to get the ball airborne and to get it to stop quickly on the ground. The irons’ unique construction and technology ensure an optimal launch angle and spin rate for each club in the set. Despite prioritizing forgiveness and distance, they offer impressive workability, allowing golfers with a higher skill level to shape shots and hit various trajectories with ease.

In conclusion, the Srixon ZX4 MKII is a solid choice for golfers looking to improve their game. It offers a great balance of accuracy, forgiveness, and feel. However, if distance is a key factor for you, you might want to consider other options. But overall, it’s a club that’s definitely worth trying out.

Our takeaway after testing the ZX4 MKII iron set:

  • Excellent feel for the ball at impact considering its game improvement clubheads
  • High launch angles and low spin at impact for longer strikes
  • Progressive groove system adapted to the players’ needs with a specific iron in hand

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4. TaylorMade M Gloire Iron Set

The first thing you'll notice about the TaylorMade M Gloire irons is their larger club head profile. They were designed to be lighter than most game-improvement irons, which is a perk for higher-handicap players. The lightweight design and larger striking zone will provide less experienced player with increased swing speed and instill confidence at address. The clubs felt light throughout the swing, which is a testament to the meticulous weight shifting that occurs through the action.

The M Gloire irons are highly forgiving. They feature TaylorMade’s speed pocket that helps preserve ball speed on low-face shots. The 32 grams of tungsten incorporated in the long irons helps with launch, and the progressive sole width assures higher launch angles with them. All of these specs, also make for smooth turf interactions with your short irons in hand.

However, every club has its drawbacks. While the M Gloire irons excel when it comes to the long game, they’re not as sharp on shorter distances. You won’t have unlimited workability with your short irons, but your launch will be nice and high. Spin control is also lagging behind. Lateral mishits were a bit more punishing, but even high handicappers shouldn't have too much of a problem keeping their point of contact near the center of the club face.

In conclusion, the TaylorMade M Gloire iron set is a solid choice for golfers looking for a lightweight, forgiving club that can help improve their long game. However, the lack of workability and spin control, as well as the high price point, are factors to consider before making a purchase.

Our takeaway after testing the M Gloire iron set:

  • Lightweight body making it easier to swing for less-experienced golfers
  • Terrific launch angle that produces satisfying trajectories
  • Spin control is a bit lacking, which you can expect with some game improvement irons

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5. Cobra Air-X Combo Iron Set

First off, the Cobra Air-X irons are a lightweight set that is easy to swing for golfers of any skill level. This makes them a great choice for golfers looking for a club that won’t tire them out over a long game. The inviting looks at address and the forgiving properties on off-centre strikes are also notable features.

The ball flights were high and consistently provided a draw bias, which really stood out to me during my time with the club. The feel is quite stable with a springy sensation a impact. These irons are designed to easily launch the ball high in the air to maximize the club’s stopping power into greens. This is reinforced by an internal draw bias and a slight offset to help out higher handicappers.

However, it’s worth noting that these clubs may not be the best fit for everyone. While, they’re a worthy upgrade for seniors or high handicappers, and an ideal first set for newcomers to the sport, they won’t provide the workability or the stability that more experienced players may be looking for.

Overall, the Cobra Air-X Combo iron set is a solid choice for those looking to upgrade their clubs. They offer a balance of speed, forgiveness, and consistency that can help improve your game. But as with any golf equipment, I’d recommend trying them out for yourself to see if they’re the right fit for your style and needs.

Our takeaway after testing the Air-X Combo iron set:

  • Designed specifically for golfers looking for help to get your golf ball airborne
  • Perfect for golfers who struggle with a slice as it offers a draw bias with some offset near the hosel
  • Ideal for golfers who struggle to keep their swing speed level through a full round of golf

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6. Cobra T-Rail 2 Iron Set

The Cobra T-Rail set, T meaning Transitional, consists of a set of iron-hybrid clubs from 5 through PW, and the 4 iron is replaced with a hybrid. The all-black appearance creates a shaded effect and disguises the thick top line, which is quite appealing. The sole of the T-Rail irons reveals the Baffler Rails, a staple of Cobra’s, which jump out to the eye in their raw metal finish.

One of the first things I noticed when I took a swing was the sound. The pitching wedge had a metallic 'ting', whereas the 8 iron shifted to a woodsy 'tock'. With the 6 iron, the sound had transitioned to a woodsy 'tick'. The 4 hybrid had a much more classic, solid, metallic 'crack' at impact.

In terms of performance, the T-Rail irons are specifically designed to get the ball airborne more easily, while also being long and forgiving. With the T-Rail’s combination of high launch and low spin, I found that I had picked up about 10 yards across the set. The club's hollow design gives it a low and deep center of gravity which produces the high launch.

However, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. While the T-Rail irons are some of the most forgiving irons on the market, they did perform somewhat erratically during our test as they weren’t the most consistent from one strike to the next.

In conclusion, the Cobra T-Rail 2 Iron Set is a solid choice for golfers looking for a club that is easy to get airborne and forgiving. However, if you're a golfer who values accuracy and consistency, you might want to consider other options.

Our takeaway after testing the T-Rail 2 iron set:

  • The Baffler Rails system allows for better turf interactions, regardless of the lie
  • Launches long strikes with its blend of high launch angles and low spin rates
  • Suited to golfers with slowing swing speeds looking for help with their longer irons

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7. Titleist T400 Iron Set

The T400 Iron Set is a unique offering from Titleist, one of the most beloved brands by golfers everywhere. The T400 irons are designed with a wide body shape and a Split Sole design. This build is put together to provide optimal turf interaction, and ultimately, cleaner strikes. Tungsten inserts of up to 100g are fitted in each club head creating a low center of gravity and are combined with a super-thin forged SUP-10 L-Face insert on the 5, 6, and 7 irons, producing a more explosive launch at impact.

One of the standout features of the T400 Iron Set is its distance. The lofts of the T400 irons may be the strongest in all of golf. To put it into context, the T400’s 5 iron has a loft angle of 20 degrees, which is a lower loft angle than many 3 irons or hybrids. The strong lofts of the T400 irons are compensated for with an impressive forgiveness level.

However, there are a few aspects that might not appeal to everyone. The back of the sole on the 7-iron is visible at address, which some golfers might find distracting. The sound of the T400 irons is also quite loud, producing a "clap-like" sound that will certainly stand out when you’re out on the course.

Another point to consider is the spin. The T400 irons produce a low spin level on the course, and that is mainly due to their very strong lofts. While low spin can be great for distance and reducing unwanted curves, it won’t be as handy if you’re looking to hold greens with your approach shots, unless you’re managing to hit high arching shots.

In conclusion, the Titleist T400 Iron Set is a fantastic choice for golfers looking for more distance from their irons and a forgiving club. However, if you're a golfer who values a traditional look and feel, or if you need your shots to have more spin, you might want to explore other options.

Our takeaway after testing the T400 iron set:

  • Thicker clubhead profile that will bring confidence at address to many golfers
  • Strong loft angles that produce incredibly long strikes
  • Lower spin levels are great for distance but can be problematic on approach shots

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8. Callaway Paradym Iron Set

The first thing you'll notice about the Paradym irons is their aesthetic appeal. They have a thin topline, minimal offset, and a compact profile, which are all key specs for player distance irons. The back side can neither be qualified as a cavity back nor a traditional hollow body, giving them a unique look in the bag. The hazy deep blue field is unlike anything else on the market and blends nicely with the other two segments.

When you take your first swing, you'll be struck by how good it feels. The ball feels like it jumps off the face effortlessly, giving a soft yet energetic feel. This pleasant feeling remains consistent across all the irons in the set. The sound of the Paradym irons matches their feel, falling somewhere between a "click" and a "snap".

In terms of performance, the Paradym irons are designed for speed and forgiveness. The Speed Frame creates a hollow body structure that serves as the support behind the performance. This stiffer frame allowed Callaway designers to use a thinner face while not losing out on any stability. The face is forged from high-strength 455 stainless steel and optimized with the use of A.I. tech for better ball speed, launch, and spin. Precisely located both within the hollow body and externally, tungsten weights are inserted inside the clubheads to promote forgiveness.

However, no club is without its drawbacks. The mirror chrome finish of the Paradym irons may not suit the eye of everyone. Additionally, the short blade length could potentially put off golfers with a higher handicap index.

Overall, the Callaway Paradym Iron Set is a very good choice if you're looking for some forgiveness out of a thinner iron profile. Sitting between the Apex and the Rogue ST Max, this offering from Callaway balances game-improvement qualities without being completely dedicated to high handicappers.

Our takeaway after testing the Paradym iron set:

  • Doesn’t offer as much forgiveness as most of the clubs on this list
  • Makes up for its lack of forgiveness with an incredible feel for the ball at impact
  • Hollow body construction that allows for more forgiveness than most clubheads with a similar thinner topline

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9. Ping G700 Iron Set

The first thing you'll notice is the clean and simple look. It's a hollow body, which is not typical of Ping irons. It sports a minimalistic design with no color anywhere, just a stripe of chrome sporting the company's. In terms of looks it's closer to the body of the G400 Crossover than the G400 iron., the latter was featured in our list of the 5 best Ping iron sets under $550.

When it comes to performance, the G700 irons are impressive. They offer impressive forgiveness while packing more ball speed and more distance than their predecessors. Despite their game-improvement profile and dedication to forgiveness, the G700 irons provide excellent consistency.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind. The sound of the G700 is substantially different than the G400. The G400 is very solid with a modest impact sound, while the G700 produces a clearer and louder one. Some might find this sound a bit off-putting. Feedback is also hard to come by with the G700. Whether you stripe the ball or miss the sweet spot, the sound is almost identical, and there difference in feel through the shaft is limited.

In conclusion, the Ping G700 Iron Set is a very forgiving option, with impressive speed off the face. It offers more ball speed and more distance, but the sound and feel might take some getting used to. If you're looking for an iron set that will make your life easier on the course, the G700 is a great option for you.

Our takeaway after testing the G700 iron set:

  • Slightly thicker clubhead, more akin to a driving iron than a typical game improvement iron
  • Packs a great punch off the club face, while still providing forgiveness
  • Limited feedback on the quality of the strike, both audibly and feel through the shaft

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10. Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Iron Set

The first thing you’ll notice with the Cleveland Launch HB Turbo irons is their size. They’re massive, and for golfers in the super game improvement category, that size may help provide extra confidence at address. The top line is thick, but the blend of polished and matte chrome finishes keep it from being too much visually. As a progressive-shaped set, the size of the distinctive HiBore Crown diminishes as the loft goes up with the clubs.

Swinging these clubs, you’ll find they have a well-balanced feel with a bit of weight feel in the clubhead. At impact, the solid feel in your hands matches the deep sound it produces at impact. It took an enormous mishit to notice any feedback through the shaft.

Performance-wise, these irons are incredibly forgiving. Any decent contact sent the ball flying on a nice high and straight trajectory. This can be attributed in large part to the HiBore profile which, along with being hollow, positions weight low and deep in the head. With low spin and modest offset, the irons are also well suited to golfers trying to alleviate a slice.

However, they might not be for everyone as they are mainly designed for golfers looking for help with slower swing speeds.

In conclusion, the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo irons are a great set if you’re looking for forgiveness and high launch. Just remember, the best club is the one that feels right in your hands, so make sure to give it a try!

Our takeaway after testing the Launcher HB Turbo iron set:

  • Massive clubheads that will bring more confidence at address
  • Perfectly suited to golfers with slower swing speed who struggle with their long irons
  • Better interaction with the ground than most irons, thanks to the deeper clubhead profiles

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With the information shared in this article, you should be able to make an informed decision when the time comes to upgrade your iron set. Any of the irons mentioned above will adequately serve any golfers looking for more forgiveness on the golf course by providing improved consistency and performance.

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If you feel like the recommendations in this article are not perfectly suited to you, we recommend checking out our “Club Finder” tool to get your hands on the set for you. If you would prefer a personalized approach with one of our experts, you can always book a call with the expert of your choice.

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